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This site offers a collections of requests and questions to Semantic CorA.

Is Semantic CorA an Out-Of-The-Box-System?

Semantic CorA is not an Out-of-the-box-system like other desktop tools (Atlas.TI, NVivo, etc.). It is a webbased tool basing on MediaWiki, its extension Semantic MediaWiki and developed extension of Semantic CorA (see Semantic_CorA_for_Administrators). As wiki and semantic web technologies offer a broad flexibility, the developement could adress specific needs in concrete research contexts. The drawback of this is, if it is falling out of the research project use cases Semantic CorA needs some adjustments. So at this point of development the experiences and developments in the range of research data and research workflows are limited to these.

How can I use Semantic CorA?

A small description how you can use Semantic CorA is given at Semantic_CorA_for_Researchers.

Can Semantic CorA deal with other ressources like videos, transcripts of interviews ...?

We do have certain projects dealing mainly with text or image data. Basically Semantic CorA can deal with all data MediaWiki can deal with. You can edit and change the metadata of videos, images and so on. If you need tools for annotation, take a look at the Semantic CorA Extensions.

Who is adjusting Semantic CorA to my needs?

Generally, an administrator with experiences in the installation and configuration of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki should be able to establish basic functionalities and use cases of the virtual research environment of Semantic CorA. Semantic CorA for Administrators contains the basic information your administrator needs. Assistance can be found consulting this mailing list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/semediawiki-devel. There you can also find Semantic MediaWiki experienced developers, who can create new extensions to address specific needs. Furthermore, you can contact us to ask for help and additional information.

How do I navigate in a semantic wiki?

Adding to the links on pages you know from Wikipedia, there are several other ways to navigate in the wiki and find data. You can find several ways to browse your data on the page of Semantic MediaWiki.