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Short Installation Guide

Basic MW/SMW Installation

To install all extensions for MediaWiki, you should use PHP, a MySQL database and shell access to the server because for some extensions you have to use composer to install.

Installation of CorA Extensions

An overview of the specific Semantic CorA extenions is given here. But follow the installation instruction at the official exension pages:

Running Systems

We have several systems running, right now with MediaWiki 1.29 and SMW 2.5. Make sure to have an actual version of the software and take a look at the version lifecycles of MediaWiki.

Importing Semantic vocabularies into Semantic CorA

You can import semantic vocabularies directly into Semantic CorA:

Skin-Modifications for Semantic CorA Layout

See in detail on page Cora_Skin_implementation. The modifications are not needed to use the extensions and functionalities.