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AnalysisToolSpecial is a component of the group AnalysisTool extension. This component is implemented as special page. It allows user to configure and address the wiki ontology, in the form of wiki categories for entities and properties for semantic properties.


This extension requires Semantic MediaWiki to be installed first.

Download and extract the tarball in your extensions/ folder. It should generate a new folder called AnalysisTool directly inside your extensions/ folder. Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:



If the extension is used in relationship with a project, the following global variable needs to be configured:

 $atProjectsCategory = "Project";
 $atCurrentProject = "Cora";


After successful installation, the special page AnalysisToolSpecial will be created in your wiki under Semantic MediaWiki Group. Clicking this link, the special page launches and allows user to chose categories for entities and semantic properties by using forms. The first form invites user to choose the project. Next forms will collect the user options for the ontology of the chosen project.

Creating the wiki ontology for the AnalysisTool

In these forms, you can specify the details of your currently created entities as wiki categories. The next form collect a bunch of semantic properties from the existed properties. After that, user will be invited to bring together entities and properties. Each of which semantic property will be defined at the appropriate entity level. In the final step, the ontology will be saved in MediaWiki namespace wiki page. This configuration is necessary for AnalysisTool template extension.