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This page is dedicated to Semantic Cora skin implementation phase II. In this phase of development, we extended the MediaWiki classic Vector skin with certain specific functionality and new look and feel. In the following, the implementation is described in detail.

Semantic Cora - new MediaWiki Skin derived from Vector Skin

Semantic Cora skin has been created as a derivation of classic Vector Skin. Certain functionality and options has been enabled by default in the Cora skin:

  • search look and feel has been setup at simple search by hard coding. This functionality is equivalent on Vector skin with:
   Preference/search/ Enable simplified search bar (Vector skin only).

In Vector Skin, this option is controlled by a global variable, used by search function.

$wgVectorUseSimpleSearch = true;
  • edit icons have been replaced by others. All these icons and other images are in distributions. Vector skin code has been modified correspondingly.
  • semantic browse has been modified to the look and feel of Semantice CorA. Part of this functionality is realized by Vector skin code modification.
  • powered by Semantic Cora icon has been added by hard coding also.

Implementation of Cora skin

Cora skin has been implemented as follows:

  • new images (icons) have been added to already existing images in images folder.
  • we added new code to Cora.php source file.
  • we added new css file to CSS look and feel. (cora.css in distribution).

The description of css, js code is similar with Cora_Skin_implementation page.

Notice: Cora skin asks jQuery library which needs to be enabled in the wiki.


Distribution is following MediaWiki rules for new skin creation and implementation. Contains following files:

  • Cora.php - the main part of implementation
  • Cora.deps.php - dependencies
  • cora folder.

cora folder contains:

  • images folder - old Vector skin images and new added images (icons)
  • screen.css file - old Vector skin css file
  • cora.css file - new css file for Cora
  • cora.js - javascript functionality - actually moved to Cora.php
  • two htc files - belong to original Vector skin.

Installation of Cora skin

Cora skin distribution has been installed on Cora server.

Cora skin could be shared between multiple wiki farms. For a new wiki instance, Cora skin should be only enabled in LocalSettings.php:

$wgDefaultSkin = 'cora';

There is no need of original Vector skin, Cora skin is fully replacing it.

For a new wiki installation,the entire Cora skin distribution should be copied into MediaWiki skin folder and enabled in LocalSettings.php (see above).

Notice: Cora skin asks jQuery library to be enabled into wiki.

Remarks:For the wiki instances where old Cora skin has been already installed through MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Common.js pages, the corresponding code will be removed from there first.

The distribution could be downloaded from here: Cora skin.